About Provision Company™

Provision Company™, called Provisions by the locals, was established in 1993 and it serves some of the best food in town. The views of the Southport Yacht Basin, the Intracoastal Waterway and the mouth of the Cape Fear river are incredible, and the sunsets, magnificent. Just a short walk from Provision Company™ after dining will take you to some of the most beautiful sceneries of the beloved sunny little town of Southport. Just a short drive will place you at over 13 miles of the beaches of Oak Island while a 4 mile ferry ride will take you to one of the most unique islands in the Carolinas, Bald Head Island.


Our State Maqgazine - Love Letter NC

A love letter must start over, and I want to start over in line, sipping a very cold honor-system beer, at  Provision Company™ in Southport. I do love nearby Oak Island — love its not-quite-caught-up-to-last-week feel, its piers, its rental keys in paper envelopes, its houses nearly in the breakers, its fishmongers (I’ve found religion more than once over the grouper cheeks at Haag & Sons) — but I love lunch at the Provision Company™ maybe most of all. Here’s how it goes: You stand in line, a long line. You order. You eat — fish sandwich, onion rings, that sort of deal. On the way out, they ask what you had — they have no idea — and you pay. The whole thing runs on the honor system, not just the beer. And I love this not for the chance to cheat, but to get up, pull a second icy bottle from the huge standing cooler, and return to my crab cakes without having to bother anyone to do it for me. There’s a dock off the back of the restaurant, sound-side. Open-air. Boats trolling by. Fans on the ceiling, most with all their blades. Tiny paper napkins, nowhere near big enough to do anything. It’s like eating at your house, if your house were much better, and at the beach, and full of fried food and good people. Or good food and fried people. Which I’m not saying it isn’t, but still.

Full Article: http://www.ourstate.com/love-letter-nc/

Our State Magazine - Basic Provisions

"It''s fun to watch first timers at  Provision Company™ in Southport. The experience is so different from any other dining establishment that visitors barely have time to digest the tasty food or unique way of doing things before they''re planning their next Provision Company™ visit. This waterfront restaurant provides an atmosphere that''s become legendary with both boaters and landlubbers alike. escort jaipur, The unique experience starts the moment you pull into the parking lot (or dock). Stand in a short line - although sometimes it goes out the door - and then order your food from the counter. The menu is on a chalkboard right after the screen door. Once you have placed your order, grab your drinks on your own (on the honor system).

Full Article: http://provisioncompanycom/state-article.pdf